Recently I sat down for breakfast with an amazing group of people within our gym’s Entrepreneur’s group (yes, it took me 3 attempts, yet AGAIN, to spell that damn word).  There are many interesting “noticings” that I took away from that morning.  In this article, I’d like to talk of two of them specifically.

First, I saw people who are very positive and resilient.  I wonder if it is the second quality that makes the first possible?  Do you have to be positive to be resilient or resilient in order to stay positive?  You have to be willing to get kicked down a LOT while staying focused on the vision.  To this group of people, the vision is what drives everything.  Monetary gains, higher quality of life, and all the other gains are the results of that pursuit.  Passion is a word I heard used quite a bit.

The second noticing, which is the main part of this article, is that I found myself sitting with people who loved the process.  The vision is obviously important like I stated above, but you absolutely 100% without a doubt, need to be in love with growth.  The parallels between fitness, business, parenthood, relationships, and life are too numerous to count.  We have talked about them a lot in previous articles.  So, what is this process of growth?  Is there a formula?  I do believe there is.

Practice. Reflect. Refine. Repeat.

Now, read it again…and again.  Get a tattoo of that shit if you want. I guarantee it won’t go out of style.  There is no 4 Hour Work Week for those in love with the process.  It is part of them and their greater sense of purpose.

Let’s loop this back to fitness…because that is why most of us are here right?  What is fitness to you?  Is it a workout or is it a journey?  I fell in love with the Sport of Fitness eight years ago and, at the time, I was not sure why.  I am sure it was a combination of community, team, challenge, health, vanity, etc etc.  I think most of the reasons that got me in to CrossFit are not the same reasons I do it now.  Shit, I am not even sure how to define CrossFit now.  It is so all encompassing, but that is the point.  There is a million different journeys to be taken within CrossFit.

For many, it starts with the journey to their first pull-up.  We have witnessed it literally hundreds of times at our little gym.  It NEVER gets old.  It’s beautiful and usually proves to be the “gateway accomplishment” that sparks formally unseen physical and mental potential.  For each individual who took that journey, the starting point, path, and end were all different and unique.  But, what was the same?

They practiced.  They reflected on their practice.  They refined their practice.  They repeated their practice.

That is the beautiful part.  The actual pull-up is great for social media, no doubt.  The inspiration lies in the process and the more one sees that, the more likely they are to enjoy a higher quality of life.

Now, I am not saying that if you look at life from this point of view everything will be bacon and puppies.  It won’t.  There will be many days that you are fucking over it.  But, that’s just being human and it comes with the territory.  We are talking about a macro perspective and day-to-day challenges are the tools we use to keep on the path.  Without the challenges, we have nothing to push back against.

I challenge you at this very moment to take 10min of your day and reflect.  Where are your journeys in life?  Are you giving them proper attention?  Are you practicing, reflecting, refining and repeating?  It’s a worthwhile question and higher order use of your time.